Mesure et contrôle hydrauliques
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Force and Force/Length

Note: Symbols of SI units, multiples and submultiples are given in parentheses in the right hand column.

Multiply By To obtain
    dyne 0.00001*     newton (N)
    kilogram-force 9.806650*     newton (N)
    kilopond 9.806650     newton (N)
    newton 0.1019716     kilogram-force
    newton 0.1019716     kilopond
    newton 0.2248089     pound-force
    newton 100,000.*     dyne
    newton 7.23301     poundal
    newton 3.596942     ounce-force
    newton/metre 0.005710148     pound/inch
    newton/metre 0.06852178     pound/foot
    ounce-force 0.2780139     newton (N)
    pound-force 4.448222     newton (N)
    poundal 0.1382550     newton (N)
    pound/inch 175.1268     newton/metre (N-m)
    pound/foot 14.59390     newton/metre (N-m)

* Where an asterisk is shown, the figure is exact